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Thursday, June 16, 2016

More detail Roadmap - Pre-Launch roadmap included!


Pre-launch Roadmap:

June 13th – July 7th: Preparing for Mainnet launch.

July 8th: Wallets, Source codes will be available. ICO investors can download wallet, generate address and prepare for receiving ChessCoin when ICO ends.


Post-launch Roadmap:

ChessCoin exchange available at launch.

ChessCoin based Dapp continue developed for Alpha version releasing in September or October of 2016.

You can visit for an image of our Alpha version. We intend to develop an application that has the same features as ChessCube. However chess player can join in our serve easily by a convenient way in depositing, withdrawing and exchanging ChessCoin within our Application.

Based on the amount of funds we get from ICO, we will have a more detail plan to publish.

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