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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Announcement on supporting BellaCoin from ChessCoin Project!

     BellaCoin has temporarily stopped working reecent days since there are not any active BellaCoin miners. To promote mining Bellacoin, we decide that BellaCoin miners will have a good chance to earn ChessCoin. For each Bellacoin you mine, you will also earn 2 ChessCoins from us. How can you earn ChessCoin by this way? It's really simple: Send us the proof of your mining. We send you back ChessCoin. This is something like "ChessCoin merged mined with BellaCoin". In this case, we call it "Manually Merged Mine". It's easy to realize that BellaCoin miners will be the first people who are able to receive Chesscoin before ChessCoin ICO ends. Our support will last for 10.000 Blocks of BellaCoin from block 481530 to block 491530. Bellacoin miners will get 500000 Bellacoin by mining and 1.000.000 ChessCoins from us. . You can try for fun and profit now!

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