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Friday, July 8, 2016

ChessCoin ICO Is Canceled

    Dear All of ChessCoin Investors and Suporter,

    The things I tell you below perhaps would make you sad.

  I really don't expect some things like this to happen. Please understand me after you read all. I will do everything not to make all people who has already joined ChessCoin ICO get disadvantages and also will do everything not to let your every step in supporting ChessCoin become meaningless.

    I decide to cancel ICO and refund to all investors.

    There are many reasons for this decision. The man who promised to help me in building Android ChessCoin APP could not build up anything within many weeks as he said he could do that in two weeks. ChessCoin trading in Yobit is out of my control due to a big volume of ChessCoin in circulation that I delivered to someone helping me in the development of ChessCoin. ChessCoin price now is much lower than ICO price then we could not receive any more investment.

    The first purpose of ICO is to collect enough funds for long term development of ChessCoin. I spent too much time, energy and money for this project. If the ICO continue the usual way I will have 25% of ICO funds, and 2 millions ChessCoin left in the end. This doesn't even balance what I myself invested.

    There's no one getting harm due to my decision. All investors will be refunded besides they will receive 1 ChessCoin more for 1 BellaCoin they has invested. So they not only don't loose their fund but also receive valuable ChessCoins. All Bounties (3000000 ChessCoin) will be delivered as schedule. 

   I receive nothing however will hold a major volume of ChessCoin to control the development of ChessCoin Project as I wished from the beginning. 

   There are 24 investors in Bela and 1 investors in BTC. 

   The one who invests in BTC I will directly refund him.

   The ones who invest in Bela, I could not refund them directly and I need the help from Escrower.

   I'm sorry for that inconvenience.

   Thank you.

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