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Monday, June 13, 2016



There are thousands of chess games played online everyday. Enthusiastic chess players spend a lot of time playing chess without any achievement. Many chess softwares and websites have built up modern platforms for chess players to fight against computer and human or to join online tournaments in all formats which are the same as authentic tournaments. The difference between those two tournaments is that online players just receive virtual medals without any material value. If there is a game-based platform in which chess players are paid whenever they win a game or a tournament, it would be great chances for millions of people whose dreams are to play chess for real award. That platform which is based on an advanced  prize delivering system will hold both amateur and professional tournaments in all levels. Accompany with the quick development of blockchain technology, that platform will eventually come true. We, the men who are enthusiastic in both chess and cryptocurrency have been working hard to build up a Blockchain based Chess Dapp or Decentralized Chess Playing Platform which is fueled by a cryptocoin, named ChessCoin.



ChessCoin Specifications
     Coin name: ChessCoin
     Coin Ticker: CHESS
     Algorithm: Scrypt
     Type: Hybrid PoW/PoS
     PoW lasts for 4096 Blocks
     PoS works from beginning.
     RPC port: 7324
     P2P port: 7323
     Block reward: 64
     Target spacing: 64 seconds   
     Max supply: 74.666.667
     Premine percent: 64%
     Premine amount: 48.000.000
     Min stake time: 2 hours
     Coinbase maturity: 32 blocks

Premine is used for ICO to raise fund for further development of ChessCoin based Dapps. PoW which lasts not too long (4096 blocks) is for stabilizing and securing ChessCoin network at the early phase. 32% anual stake reward would not be high because this will encourage ChessCoin investors to hold it for long term. One another important thing is that an impressive PoS reward will be more attractive to chess community. The more people join in , the more value ChessCoin will increase. 

How to participate in ChessCoin ICO?

ICO starts on June 13th and ends on July 14th (23:59 EST)

You can Join ICO by Bitcoin or BellaCoin.     
The reason we choose BellaCoin to be used as an alternative of Bitcoin beacause of that Bellacoin is the only alt-coin has expressed some efforts and deserved contributions in the integration cryptocurrency into Chess games (an Android app has been developed and published). ChessCoin has the same purpose but will go further!
Escrow Address: 
Bitcoin: 3B5UJc1DC2nWdkM1WHNbye6ycFNfCNqx24
This is a 2-of-2 multisig wallet and SebastianJu - a Legendary Escrow Service holds one signature.
Bellacoin escrow address: BL5o1AHAJZ2C5V8LsjQhnvJy9ndySh6h7R

ICO investors using BellaCoin will contribute with a fixed ratio: 1Bela = 0.00001000BTC.
This price of Bela for ICO is much higher than its real price now. That is our intention to give some supports to BellaCoin. 
After sending funds from the addresses (Bitcoin or BellaCoin) that you have full ownership, you are recommended to fill the form below as soon as possible. This will make the delivering of ChessCoin after ICO more smoothly and securely.

Investment Form:
(Filled informations will be kept secrete)

The total Coins premined stands at 48.000.000.
- 12.000.000 coins are reserved for bounties and the development team in the following proportions:
- 3.000.000 coins will be distributed to early supporters.
- 1.000.000 coins are reserved for strategical partners and backers.
- 8.000.000 coins are withheld by the development team to fuel Chesscoin based Dapp or Decentralized chess playing platform.
- The remaining  36.000.000 coins will be distributed in ICO procedure to participating users based on their contribution in the total amount of the raised funds.

There will be discounts for early participants based on the following schedule:
- First ICO day bonus: Users who buy ChessCoin on June 13th-14th receive a bonus of 30%
- Users participating in the campaign before the end of June (April 15th - April 30th) receive 15% bonus.
- July 1st - July 7th buys receive 7.5% bonus.
- July 8th - July 14th buys receive 0% bonus.

ICO ends on July 14th.  After the ICO is over coins will be sent to the ICO participants.

Early supporters receive bounties for the following activities:

- 350.000 coins reserved for following official ChessCoin twitter account.
- 350.000 coins reserved for following official ChessCoin Facebook page.
- 350.000 coins reserved for translations and maintaining other national ChessCoin threads.

- 350.000 coins  reserved for subscribing to ChessCoin newsletter at official ChessCoin blog.

- 100.000 coins for best Signature Design (Quickly post your design in this thread. When the best one is choosen the others will not be available for bounty)

- 1.500.000 coins reserved for signature campaign participants at Bitcointalk.

ChessCoin Mainnet will work and the coins distribution to supporters will take place right after the end of ICO.

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